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We are a team of Professionals and Researchers who are working to help you find the most effective patterns and templates for building strategies to become more efficient, regardless of the niche where you are working.  We do offer the most effective time management course in the world. It includes unique life-changing techniques, science-based behavioral models of the world’s busiest managers, and the smart habits the world’s most successful people harness in their daily lives.

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“With Time Management Institute you will learn how to manage your time, therefore – your life and boost your productivity to the maximum.

Dr. Professor George G. Tumanishvili, Founder


Internationally recognized Institute: The team of scientists, researchers, instructors, and managers working and doing research related to the key issues of Time Management and Increasing Productivity.

The International Institute of Time Management was established in 2021 and is the institutional part of the International Agency for Accreditation, Quality Verification, and Certification. 

The institute is staffed with theoretical and practical scientists from different countries, whose subject of study is the issues of human perception of time and its management.


Time management is one of the most critical and valued skills in the modern world as our success depends largely on it. 

From the people on equal footing, success comes to whoever manages time more effectively. Ongoing projects at the institute focus on studying time optimization in order to make effective decisions. We analyze the behavioral patterns, daily routines, and habits of the most successful people in different fields. Based on the latest knowledge in psychology, physiology, medicine, nutrition, and contemporary science, the International Institute of Time Management develops routine models which enable people to be at their best level of productivity. 

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