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Latest Exclusive Course in Time management that really works


We offer the most effective time management courses in the world. Courses include effective, unique life-changing techniques, science-based behavioral models of the world’s busiest managers and the smart habits the world’s most successful people harness in their daily lives. The course is designed to level-up your time management skills and boost your productivity!

The online course was developed by Professor Dr. George Tumanishvili, founder of the Institute of Time Management, a world-renowned scientist and coach.

The online training / course is of mixed nature, but it can be 100% done remotely!  

The full course consists of five modules:

  • The science behind time management.
  • Ten basic, unique formulas to make you the manager of your own life.
  • Smart habits to ensure that you are in the best mental and physical shape.
  • Effective goal and task setting techniques.

The course also includes a special module as a bonus:

Effective mantra—a filter for any of our actions. 

The training is based on the book by Professor G. Tumanishvili: Time Management That Actually Works. Life-Changing, Effective, Unique Techniques From the Busiest Managers on the Planet.

The course training part includes 3-5 hours of distance learning. The results of the final exam will be assessed individually, also, in some cases, our instructor and trainer may request to interview you. 


Passing the online course successfully will give you the unique knowledge of how to effectively manage your time and achieve your goals. It will level up your time management skills and boost your productivity to the maximum.

You will also receive a certificate issued by the International Institute of Time Management, already a mark of the highest quality. The certificate will be available 24/7 online. This will allow any interested party (partner, employer, or other) to verify your credentials.

Individuals who have already got the book – Time Management That Actually Works book and meet the special requirements can buy the course on preferential terms. 

Preferential conditions for calculating course and training fees.


Our online training courses are based on the latest scientific knowledge. Each training includes reading, audio and visual materials, and allows you to interact with the instructor as well as other students. The structure of courses helps you to develop your skills and smart habits as quickly as possible. The learning model is based on real-world business use cases. The online training courses are  designed in a way that allows students to perceive and process educational materials in the shortest time.
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Our exclusive, premium online courses allow you to apply theoretical knowledge from the training in practice from the very first day. Each training component has exercises, business use cases, and actual examples, situations where you can apply acquired skills. Each course includes the element of smart habits. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you will achieve greater perfection and productivity.
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After each course, you can take the final online exam, called as - international certification. The online exam includes multiple-choice, as well as open-ended questions and sometimes essays. To pass the final certification exam successfully and get the exclusive certificate, you must get at least 85% of the questions right.
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Several major scientific projects are currently underway at the Institute, some of which are worth mentioning: 

Essential basic formulas of decision management

The project aims to develop universal concepts that are important to understand. The results of this project are of direct, actual significance as they are focused on the development of universal provisions through which we can manage our time, decisions, business and life in general. 

Smart habits

The project focuses on creating science-based habits, the implementation of which ensures your best mental and physical shape or condition, which directly helps you to achieve your goals. Those habits increase your productivity and level of happiness.

Effective, science-based methods to boost your productivity

Aimed at developing special methods that can be individually tailored to any person and ensure that goals are achieved in the shortest time. 

Effective goal-setting techniques

A science-based, unique system that helps you prioritize and redistribute your tasks and objectives. With these techniques, you will learn how to plan the shortest and most effective path to your goal. You will become a master of planning and scheduling.


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    See What People Are Saying About Us


    Laura Watson

    Solution Architect

    “ For years, we only dreamed of having an inspired and productive team of employees. Now, that “dream” is finally becoming a reality!
    Your effective time management online course and team motivation programs have vastly improved our overall effectiveness as an organization. Having applied the techniques and skills we learned, the whole team is more focused, more productive, and our levels of cooperation have skyrocketed.
    We are delighted by our progress and we continue to see incremental improvements every month.
    I cannot fully express what a pleasure it is to see the changes in attitude and performance of our people over the last several months. But I can tell you, “It’s awesome! ”


    Peter Brown

    Sales Manager

    “ One of the Best Courses that I ever had! As you know, I had been struggling with reaching my monthly sales targets and was beginning to feel burnt-out.
    But after participating in your Effective Time-Management Online Course, I discovered that my “sales problems” were actually a combination of poor time management skills and a failure to adapt my sales techniques to my client’s personality profiles.
    Today, everything has changed. I’ve doubled my sales. I’m working fewer hours. I’m more relaxed and playing more rounds of golf! I even have additional time to spend with my family.
    I’ve already seen a dramatic improvement and I feel I’m steadily increasing my skills to even higher levels of effectiveness. I couldn’t be happier. ”


    François Beaumont


    “ This time management program was exactly what I needed to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively. I was given specific strategies and was given the chance to write specific plans to implement when I returned to work. I am enjoying the rewards of a successful Time Management class. I have found that I have been successful in using several of my class action plans, like using the prime time to my advantage and the “free your mind” technique to reduce the stress. ”


    James Parker


    “ The most efficient course I’ve ever taken! It helped me introduce several smart habits that changed my day-to-day life. Now, thanks to the Institute of Time Management, I already know how to plan my tasks and achieve my goals ”


    Alisa Blanc

    Entrepreneur, Owner of Business

    “ I did the course with great interest, in a few days. Now I know what processes are behind time management. Today, I actively apply my knowledge from the training in my practical work and run several large businesses. ”


    Robert Williams

    Manager (multinational company)

    “ I work as a manager for a multinational company. Every single day I must make a lot of important decisions. This course showed me anew what rules I should apply to get my priorities right. Really helpful course and I recommend everyone to take it. Essentially practicing managers! ”


    Steve Torres


    “ Received critical knowledge. Never thought I could pull myself together and bring my life into my own hands, set and achieve goals. My deep gratitude to the people who developed this course. I recommend it! Sign up! ”

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