Laura Watson

Solution Architect

“ For years, we only dreamed of having an inspired and productive team of employees. Now, that “dream” is finally becoming a reality!
Your effective time management online course and team motivation programs have vastly improved our overall effectiveness as an organization. Having applied the techniques and skills we learned, the whole team is more focused, more productive, and our levels of cooperation have skyrocketed.
We are delighted by our progress and we continue to see incremental improvements every month.
I cannot fully express what a pleasure it is to see the changes in attitude and performance of our people over the last several months. But I can tell you, “It’s awesome! ”


Peter Brown

Sales Manager

“ One of the Best Courses that I ever had! As you know, I had been struggling with reaching my monthly sales targets and was beginning to feel burnt-out.
But after participating in your Effective Time-Management Online Course, I discovered that my “sales problems” were actually a combination of poor time management skills and a failure to adapt my sales techniques to my client’s personality profiles.
Today, everything has changed. I’ve doubled my sales. I’m working fewer hours. I’m more relaxed and playing more rounds of golf! I even have additional time to spend with my family.
I’ve already seen a dramatic improvement and I feel I’m steadily increasing my skills to even higher levels of effectiveness. I couldn’t be happier. ”


François Beaumont


“ This time management program was exactly what I needed to help me make some firm decisions about managing my time more effectively. I was given specific strategies and was given the chance to write specific plans to implement when I returned to work. I am enjoying the rewards of a successful Time Management class. I have found that I have been successful in using several of my class action plans, like using the prime time to my advantage and the “free your mind” technique to reduce the stress. ”


James Parker


“ The most efficient course I’ve ever taken! It helped me introduce several smart habits that changed my day-to-day life. Now, thanks to the Institute of Time Management, I already know how to plan my tasks and achieve my goals ”


Alisa Blanc

Entrepreneur, Owner of Business

“ I did the course with great interest, in a few days. Now I know what processes are behind time management. Today, I actively apply my knowledge from the training in my practical work and run several large businesses. ”


Robert Williams

Manager (multinational company)

“ I work as a manager for a multinational company. Every single day I must make a lot of important decisions. This course showed me anew what rules I should apply to get my priorities right. Really helpful course and I recommend everyone to take it. Essentially practicing managers! ”


Steve Torres


“ Received critical knowledge. Never thought I could pull myself together and bring my life into my own hands, set and achieve goals. My deep gratitude to the people who developed this course. I recommend it! Sign up! ”


Katerina Jääger

Life Coach

“ Had some troubles with certification as I had to watch videos several times and read the course materials. Managed to finally get my international certificate. Now I’m already certified! Recommend this course. ”


Hinata Lee

Solution Architect

“ The course material was something that our leaders can apply on a daily basis. The instructor clearly articulated each point and encouraged us to apply examples that were applicable to our organization. Others in my organization would benefit from taking this course also. ”